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LSTC was founded to provide essential reading skills to people who have dyslexia. For a person with dyslexia, independent, scientific, replicated research supports that the use of a reading system that is simultaneously multisensory, systematic, and cumulative, with direct and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, followed by synthetic and analytic phonics with intense practice is the most effective form of learning. That is the standard we hold ourselves to.

To provide these services and to ensure their effectiveness, LSTC is in need of funding. Every dollar donated is used to directly help a student learn to read. There are no fixed overhead costs with our program. Every dollar that is spent results in a skill the student will utilize throughout their lifetime. Our program provides a permanent solution to the student’s illiteracy.

Please consider donating to our effort. The money stays and helps adults and children in our own community. They are your friends and relatives, neighbors and coworkers. If you are unable to give a monetary donation, please consider volunteering your time to become a tutor or, even most importantly, if you know of someone that has difficulty reading or spelling, tell them about our services and encourage them to contact us to see if we can help them.

Checks can be made out to LSTC
and sent to:
     Lake Superior Tutoring Center
     8560 Topper Road
     Iron River, WI 54847

Thank you!

You may also donate through PayPal.


Be aware, PayPal keeps about 2%
of your donation for their service.

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